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Great Tip To Improve Your Chipping By Stan Utley

Here’s a great golf video tip from Stan Utley in which he shares some awesome advice for improving your chipping. Stan Utley is the author of the book called The Art of the Short Game. Great golfers know that the secret to a lower score is a solid short game, but mastering those small strokes…

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Chipping Consistency – One (Great) Golf Drill To Help You Achieve Consistent Chipping

The chipping stroke is very easy. Or at least it should be very easy, because next to putting chipping is one of the smallest movements required in the game of golf. A good chip shot requires very little use of the body and wrists. The problem with most amateur golfers, however, is that they use…

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C No Evil Product Review

This is a review of the C No Evil product available at: This product review is the strangest product review I have ever done… and here’s why. The picture you see of that product to the left is not what I’m reviewing. Huh?! No, I’m reviewing the concept of this product. Here’s the story…

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Back Injuries and Golf: How To Reduce Your Risk

There’s one thing all my golfing patients have in common – they wish they had done something to protect their back. There are 30 million active golfers in the USA alone, 40% of which get injured each year – that’s a lot of bad backs. The lumbar spine (lower back) is the most common site…

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The Longer Golf Drives Formula

To hit longer drives the formula is really simple: If you normally swing at 85 mph on the downswing and through the ball and then you increase that swing speed to 95 mph you will hit the ball further. About 25 yards further in fact, because for every 1 mph you increase your swing speed…

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Building Putting Confidence On The Putting Greens

To help you increase your putting confidence here is a simple putting drill you can do. For this practice putting drill you will need your putter and one golf ball. This is a simple, fast and fun putting exercise. In fact this golf drill is so fast you can do it almost every time you…

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Don’t Practice Golf And Break 80

Do you want to break 80 when playing a game of golf? Really! Well, erase all doubt about it! ACT AS IF you are already able to break 80 and have even done it before! Go on about your life pretending to yourself that you are a 70’s shooter and just keep forging ahead. And…

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Mind Control For Golf Improvement

You can use your mind to improve your golf game like you wouldn’t believe. Read these stories to see what unlimited potential and possibilities you have available when you learn the mental secrets these people knew. During the late 60’s when the U.S. was at war in Vietnam, U.S. Air force col. George Hall, was…

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Golf Drill To Check Your Golf Backswing

If you go to pretty much any driving range and watch how golfer’s practice, you’ll see many golfers stopping at the top of their backswing and trying to see if the club is in a good top of the backswing position. Naturally it’s very hard to tell by doing this so in this article I’m…

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Nick Faldo Chipping Help

Here is a video with Nick Faldo sharing some great advice to improve your chipping. The video quality is not very good but the content of what he’s saying is excellent. Watch and see for yourself:

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