Take This Golf Flexibility Test

Here are some simple golf flexibility tests you can do to see if your current flexibility is hurting your golf game or not. And the first golf flexibility test is the sit-and-reach test. This test is basically an assessment of the flexibility of your lower back and hamstrings, but it can also be a good gauge of your general flexibility. To complete this test you need a box and a ruler. And it’s a good idea to have someone help you with this test.

First of all warm up thoroughly and then sit with your feet placed fully extended out in front of you onto the box. Keep your legs straight and reach as far forward as possible with your fingers stretched forward. Do not bounce for this test, just stretch as far as you can and then get someone to measure your distance either past or before the box. The measurements past the box should be recorded as PLUS distances, whereas in front of the box should be recorded as MINUS distances.


Excellent +15cm

Good + 10cm

Fair + 5cm

Average 0cm

Poor less than 0 cm

This second group of flexibility tests will clearly show you how flexible you are for golf. And if you want to play to your potential as a golfer then you should get a score of “zero” for all four tests.

Golf Flexibility Test 1

With your back to a wall, raise both arms to shoulder height along the wall. Now walk forward and see how far from the wall you can stand and still touch it with the fingertips of both hands, with your arms straight. Your arms should be at shoulder height and you should stand well balanced on straight legs. Don’t bend your knees or lean back. Measure the distance between your heels and the wall.

Golf Flexibility Test 2

Sit on a stool placed against the front edge of an open door. Try to keep both your neck and lower back against the edge of the door. Lift your arms up and back over your head. Place your palms flat, one on each side of the door, and try to reach as far back as possible. Measure from the edge of the door to your fingertips.

Golf Flexibility Test 3

Try to make the fingertips of both hands touch behind your back. Do this by putting your left hand behind your back from underneath and try to raise it as high as you can, now place your right hand over your shoulder and bring it down as close as you can to your left hand. Alternate between hands then measure the gap between your “best” and your “worst” side. Combine the results. If your fingers do not touch at all on one side, subtract the shortfall from the result.

Golf Flexibility Test 4

Hold your arms straight out in front of you and see what is the shortest piece of cord you can stretch between your hands while still being able to pass your hands over your head and down your back. Measure the length of the cord.

*Sample Top Golfer Results From These Golf Flexibility Tests*

Golf Flexibility Test No. 1 ==> Top Golfer: 49cm

Golf Flexibility Test No. 2 ==> Top Golfer: 35cm

Golf Flexibility Test No. 3 ==> Top Golfer: +12cm, + 3cm

Golf Flexibility Test No. 4 ==> Top Golfer: 99cm

To get your golf flexibility result, simply subtract all the results. If you get negative results for test 3 then you will need to add them, to get your result. This example is what a “top golfer” result would be:

99cm – 12cm – 3cm – 35cm – 49cm = 0cm

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