Short Putting Confidence Improvement Tip

Short putts under 6 feet are a lot about confidence. If you’re confident you’re going to hole the putt you’ll have a great chance in doing so. And to help you improve your confidence on short putts here’s a drill you should do.

On the practice putting green place four balls evenly around the hole 1 foot from the hole. Then hole all four putts.

Next place 6 balls evenly around the hole 2 feet from the hole and hole all of those putts. It has to be all in a row to move back.

After you’ve done that then place 8 balls evenly around a hole 3 feet from the hole and then attempt to hole all 8 balls in a row.

Once you’ve achieved that then place 6 balls evenly around the hole at 4 feet and attempt to hole all of them in a row. When you do that then move out to 5 feet and place 4 balls around the hole. And finally if you get to 6 feet I want you to place two balls at random places around the hole and complete that task.

Remember, to move back you have to hole all balls in a row. And I think it’s also a good idea to have a set time to try and complete this task. If you do it within that time that’s great. If not then try again another day. If you do this drill regularly your short putting will improve and you’ll lower your scores.

Now for a complete system to help you become a great putter check this one out.

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Jeff Richmond