3 Tiger Woods Putting Drills

Tiger is perhaps one of the best putters of all time. And there’s a few putting drills Tiger does that you can do to help improve your putting.

One of the first is not using a putter at all. It’s putting with a wedge. Doing this is good for a couple of things in your putting. The first is helping you to put a good end-over-end roll on your putts. The second thing is helping you to contact the middle of the ball rather than the bottom of the ball.

The next putting drill is to putt with only one hand. The good thing with doing this is that it will help you to release the putter PLUS it’s really good at identifying if you have any doubt when putting because if you do then your hand will be shaking.

What should you do if your hand is shaking?

Well, don’t try and stop it. Just keep putting and put your awareness on it. Often by doing that it will get better.

The final drill Tiger does often is place a tee on the outside of the toe and heel of his putter. Then he putts through this gate. He does this because it helps to train him to hit the middle of the putter. And this is very important. And he often combines doing that drill with just one hand.

So, there you go. That’s some good drills you can use to improve your putting.

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Jeff Richmond