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Ball Striking

How To Get Off The First Tee With Confidence

Getting off the first tee with confidence is very important.  If you’re struggling with this, here’s a few suggestions… First of all make sure that you hit some warm up shots before teeing off.  So many golfers just have a few putts before teeing off and don’t hit balls.  After warming up I suggest you take…

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Short Putting Confidence Improvement Tip

Short putts under 6 feet are a lot about confidence. If you’re confident you’re going to hole the putt you’ll have a great chance in doing so. And to help you improve your confidence on short putts here’s a drill you should do. On the practice putting green place four balls evenly around the hole…

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How to practice to improve (part 1)

I’m going to help you out by doing some posts on how to practice to actually improve your golf game and lower your scores. These tips that I’m going to give you are not going to be your typical type of tips on how to improve by practicing. And if you’re in the routine of…

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3 Tiger Woods Putting Drills

Tiger is perhaps one of the best putters of all time. And there’s a few putting drills Tiger does that you can do to help improve your putting. One of the first is not using a putter at all. It’s putting with a wedge. Doing this is good for a couple of things in your…

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What’s Your Golf Story?

We all have a golfing story. What’s yours? And when I ask you that question I’m talking about the story you’re telling yourself in relation to different aspects of your golf game. For example, your golfing story might be that you are a good ball striker but have a terrible short game. Your story might…

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How To Shallow The Club Like Great Ball Strikers

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Copy These 3 New Bryson Dechambeau Golf Swing Speed Changes

It’s no secret that Bryson has sped up his golf swing.  But what golf swing changes has he made to help do this, and can you copy them? Actually, here’s some simple things he’s done that you can copy to help you hit longer drives. The first is that he now lets his left heel…

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2020 Bryson DeChambeau Swing Analysis

Bryson DeChambeau is making news in 2020 wherever he goes about what new thing he is trying next to improve (e.g. experimenting with 48 inch drivers). How much bigger is he going to get? How much longer is he going to get? What else is he going to try to improve? Interesting stuff for sure,…

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Center Clubface Contact Drill

Everyone knows how much further the ball goes when you hit the sweetspot. And there’s various ways to try to improve the consistency in doing that. You can get some scholls foot spray and spray that on your driver, and see instantly where you are hitting the ball. Or you could get a red whiteboard…

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Bryson Dechambeau Swing Speed Tip

How about the transformation of Bryson Dechambeau! He looks like a real long drive competitor playing on the PGA Tour. No doubt he’s swinging faster, along with adding quite a bit of bulk to gain 20-30 yards in distance. Unfortunately, most of us have the bulk without the swing speed. 🙂 But today I’m going…

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