Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Review

This is a review of the Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar.

Every golfer knows, the faster you swing the further the ball goes BUT…

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

And there are many ways that you can try to improve your swing speed. But if you’re experimenting with different ways and you have no way to gauge whether what you’re doing is helping you or hurting you, then you could very well be wasting your time.

So if you want to hit longer drives you need an accurate way of measuring your swing speed.

To do this you could spend thousands of dollars or you could spend less than $200. That’s where this sports sensor swing speed radar comes in. It’s priced at $149.95 plus shipping and handling, which makes it the cheapest doppler swing speed radar on the market.

Also, it comes in two varieties. There’s the blue one and the red one. For this review I’m reviewing the red one.

What’s the difference between the two?

The red one allows you to record both your tempo and your swing speed.

The blue one only allows you to record your swing speed.

When you get the swing speed radar you’ll find it’s about the size of a small clock radio. And to get your swing speed you simply position it about 6 inches away from your ball and make your swing.

It has a metal stand so you can position it perfectly every time you want to measure your swing speed. Also on this swing speed radar you’ll find…

  • It will display the swing speed of each swing and then it automatically clears this so you can swing again.
  • You can choose to display your swing speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.
  • To run this small electronic device you only need three AA-size batteries.
  • This swing speed radar is safe for you, unlike a lot of speed guns.
  • This swing speed radar also has a tempo timer on it. What this means is that you can also measure how long it takes you from the time you take the club away until the time you get to the ball. Naturally by getting this consistent and quicker you’ll hit longer drives more consistently. You can choose to have this feature turned on or have it off to simply use the swing speed aspect.

This swing speed radar is endorsed by Jim McLean, and here’s what he says about it:

“The Most Affordable, Portable Instrument Available For
Measuring Clubhead Swing Speed and Tempo Time.”

Personally, I don’t put much weight on endorsements, but after using various other “cheap” swing speed gauges and then using the sport sensor swing speed radar for a long time now, I totally agree with Jim’s quote above.

In my use of this swing speed radar I have found it to be accurate and reliable… I use this all the time now. It’s a great way of getting instant feedback as you try to improve your swing speed and/or tempo.

If you just want to measure your swing speed (and your tempo) at your own convenience then this device is the best way of doing that.

And because I have been so impressed with this product I asked the creator if I could sell it and he agreed. So you can get one through me from by clicking here (note that you can only buy this if you’re in USA or Canada). This is definitely the one I recommend. I’m not telling you that because I have permission to sell it, quite the opposite. The only reason I’m selling it is because I highly recommend it and I use it myself.

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended

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