Chipping Consistency – One (Great) Golf Drill To Help You Achieve Consistent Chipping

The chipping stroke is very easy. Or at least it should be very easy, because next to putting chipping is one of the smallest movements required in the game of golf. A good chip shot requires very little use of the body and wrists. The problem with most amateur golfers, however, is that they use their wrists far too much when they attempt a chip shot.

If you lack chipping consistency you’ll want to read this article to discover what you can do to improve your chipping consistency, so let’s begin.

When you are setup to play a chip shot a triangle is formed with your arms and shoulders. This triangle should stay the same throughout your entire chipping stroke.

To help you do this here is a great chipping drill for you to help you get this feeling of keeping the triangle the same throughout your stroke.

First you need to setup to a chip shot in the same way you normally would. But before you start swinging get another club and join it together with your first golf club so it extends about a foot or two past the end of the original club. So you’ll be holding your first club as normal and then with the second club you’ll place it upside-down so the grip is pointing down and you’re holding the top of the shaft of the second club, as well as the grip of the first club. The clubface of the second club will be pointing up.

Once you are setup with the two clubs, then swing back and through trying to keep the triangle intact that you have formed with your arms and shoulders. I said it before but I’ll say it again, this triangle needs to stay the same throughout your entire chipping stroke.

If you do this correctly the second club will not hit you as you follow-through. The only way to make sure you don’t get hit by the second golf club is to make sure the triangle you formed at address remains the same as you’re swinging, and your wrists do not break down through impact. So this golf drill will give you immediate feedback as to whether you’re keeping your setup triangle intact or not. If you find that the second club is hitting you on the follow-through then keep practicing this drill trying to keep the triangle intact until you can do it without getting hit.

When chipping your wrists must remain very firm and solid through the chip shot and behind. This drill will help you to achieve this and with practice you’ll become a very consistent chipper.

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