Improve Your Ball Striking

7 Shortcuts to

Ball Striking

The Fastest Way To Lower Your Golf Score

We golfers are naturally impatient and want to improve our golf games fast…which is why I imagine you’re reading this article. So in this article I’m going to give you the fastest way that I know of to improve your golf game. The average golfer shoots around 100 and in that score they would probably…

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The Bunker Shot Success Keys

When you play a bunker shot you do not have to hit the golf ball. In fact, bunker shots are the only shots in golf that you do not have to hit the ball. Because of this fact bunker shots can be quite hard for a lot of golfers because it’s quite a foreign feeling…

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Hit Consistent Bunker Shots By Doing This

Golfers often fail to hit consistent bunker shots. One bunker shot will go way long and the next will barely get out of the bunker. There’s a big reason why this happens to golfers and in this article I’m going to reveal why it happens and what you can do to stop it. Ok, you…

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Chipping Accuracy – Two Great Drills To Improve Your Chipping Accuracy

Chipping accuracy is easy when you know what to do to get it. In this article I’m going to give you some great chipping drills that you can do to improve your chipping accuracy out on the golf course. But first, you need to understand that no matter what type of shot you’re playing whether…

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Greatest Putt Ever!

Watch this video and see the greatest putt ever! (just a bit of fun :-))

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How To Stop One Bad Golf Shot Ruining A Round

Often golfers can be heading for a good score and then one bad golf shot can set off a chain reaction of bad golf shots. This is a very common problem and there are many things you can do to prevent this from happening. The one biggest thing I think is to have a pre-shot…

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Golf Grips: How To Test Them To Improve Your Game

The actual golf grips on your golf clubs have a big influence over the golf shots you hit consistently.  For example, if you have a slice problem your golf grips could be encouraging that ball flight.  Equally, if you have a hook problem your golf grips could be encouraging that ball flight. So in this…

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Perfect Release Review

This Perfect Release golf product caught my attention after watching this Youtube video: After years of working with golfers I know that most golfers swing back too flat on the backswing and come down too steeply on the downswing. Just like the golfer in that video. And it generally takes golfers a lot of hard…

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How To Grip The Golf Club For Powerful Golf Shots

A lot of golfers suffer from a slice problem and the main reason is because of the golf grip they use.  More specifically the left hand for right hand golfers tends to be placed on the grip incorrectly which means the right hand will be in correct.  So in this article I’m going to walk…

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Golf Swing – Quick And Easy Over The Top Solution

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, swing faults golfers have is swinging over the top.  And this causes golfers all sorts of problems like… [red_arrow_list width=”100%”] Starting the ball to the left of your target A slice problem Lacking accuracy Lacking swing speed/distance Lacking consistency [/red_arrow_list] If you suffer from any of these…

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