How To Get Off The First Tee With Confidence

Getting off the first tee with confidence is very important.  If you’re struggling with this, here’s a few suggestions…

First of all make sure that you hit some warm up shots before teeing off.  So many golfers just have a few putts before teeing off and don’t hit balls.  After warming up I suggest you take a couple of minutes before your tee shot to shut your eyes and imagine yourself driving off the first tee. And when you’re doing this imagine yourself swinging in slow motion.


Because most golfers natural instinct when teeing off is to hurry. If you imagine yourself swinging in slow motion you’ll have more chance of swinging nice and smoothly off the first tee.

Having great swing tempo will help you to hit better shots off the first tee.  And there’s an easy “tempo trick” thousands of amateurs are using to hit longer, straighter, and more consistent shots.

It works WITHOUT muscling the club, swinging harder, changing swing mechanics, or fancy training aids.

This definitely won’t be for everyone.

But it’s going to be extremely valuable for golfers who want to…

Hit consistently accurate tee shots… Find 10 to 13 fairways a round… And increase average driving distance by 15 to 25 yards.

==> (Video) This Easy “Tempo Trick” Guarantees Longer, Straighter, & More Shots With All Your Clubs – Especially Driver

If you ever find yourself debating keeping your driver in the bag for the rest of the round because it’s just not working the way you’d like?

This video will show you how to do it naturally.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the course 5x/week… 5x/month… 5x/year… or 5x/decade.

Using this tempo trick can transform your golf game overnight.

Just be careful, when learning about tempo.

Because random tempo drills won’t work.

In fact, I’ve seen golfers become MORE inconsistent and lose up to 30 yards of distance off the tee.

If you’re really serious about improving your game fast?

Use THIS Easy Tempo Technique to Add 15-25 Yards, Hit 10-13 Fairways, and Never Fold Under Pressure


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