Improve Your Ball Striking

7 Shortcuts to

Ball Striking

Posture For Longer, More Accurate And Powerful Golf Shots

You may not know this but the posture you have when you setup to hit a golf ball has a big affect on how you will swing the golf club and the potential distance you can hit the golf ball. You see, the posture you have at setup largely determines how you shift your weight…

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Manage Your Emotions To Lower Your Golf Score – Part Four

This is the last part to this emotional control series of lessons, but who knows, I’m always reading and researching new things to inform you about in this area in the future. Anxiety on the golf course stems from all of our difficult emotions. We fear them and we fear the perception of failure. This…

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Consistent Golf Gazette – 5th February 2012

I need your help if you can. You see, I’m looking at reviewing software for tracking games of golf. You know…the type of software that tracks your greens in regulation, putting average, fairways hit etc. etc. So if you use some software like that I would like to know what it is and what you…

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Manage Your Emotions To Lower Your Golf Scores – Part Three

In part two I confessed to you about the time I threw my putter after missing an easy 4 foot birdie putt. Yes, I was and I still am ashamed to admit it, but give me some credit though. I did take my own advice and stay in the feedback loop, using my cybernetic mechanism…

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Manage Your Emotions To Lower Your Golf Scores – Part Two

Golfers are very lucky to view the wonderful scenery which we get to recreate in. In some cases it’s the picturesque contrast of the dry, sandy desert against a bright green grass, or it could be fairways lined with majestic pine trees, or sometimes it’s the wetlands with wildlife and plants that you would possibly…

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Manage Your Emotions To Lower Your Golf Scores – Part One

“Championship golf is not about who hits the best shots, it’s about who does the best job of controlling his emotions” Tom Weiskopf The majority of us golfers have watched the golf comedy movies like Caddyshack, Tin Cup, and Happy Gilmore. If you’re one of the few who haven’t, then I strongly urge you to…

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Consistent Golf Gazette – 29th January 2012

Did you know that 7 out of 10 golfers are overweight? I didn’t realize it was quite that bad. That’s not good! But just last week I came across a guy who is helping golfers to lose weight and become healthier. His name is Larry Jacobs and he’s helped some famous people in the golf…

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How To Have More Consistency Out Of Bunkers

Most golfers lack consistency out of bunkers because they have way too much lower body action when playing bunker shots. As you can imagine the more moving parts you have, generally the more inconsistent your results will be. To make your bunker play more simple and therefore more repeatable here’s a simple drill you can…

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Golf Flexibility Exercise For Powerful, Long Golf Drives

If you want to loosen up your golf swing for longer golf drives then listen up. What I’m about to reveal to you is a great, simple way to do it. Ok, so you want a longer, more flexible golf swing — like a Fred Couples type of swing? Well, one great way you can…

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Consistent Golf Gazette – 22nd January 2012

In this issue of the Consistent Golf Gazette I’ve got a great golf improvement article for you, an awesome answer to a common problem one of my students was having, and a new product review. But before that let me tell you about my first serious game of golf for the year, which I played…

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