Improve Your Ball Striking

7 Shortcuts to

Ball Striking

Consistent Golf Gazette – 15th January 2012

You may have noticed last week that I sent out an email about a guy who added 44.3 yards to his drives without practice. Well, after I sent out that email I had a person contact me questioning how I could promote something that promised such huge increase in distance without practice. In case you…

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Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Review

This is a review of the Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar. Every golfer knows, the faster you swing the further the ball goes BUT… You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And there are many ways that you can try to improve your swing speed. But if you’re experimenting with different ways and you have…

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How To Prepare To Have A Great Game Of Golf

Are you ready to change the way you play the game so that you can actually drive your scores down? I promise you that this takes no time; only a decision to make the effort is needed here. I write on and on about mental game info from the pros, psychologists, and other golf experts…

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Take This Golf Flexibility Test

Here are some simple golf flexibility tests you can do to see if your current flexibility is hurting your golf game or not. And the first golf flexibility test is the sit-and-reach test. This test is basically an assessment of the flexibility of your lower back and hamstrings, but it can also be a good…

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Bunker Shots Can Be Easy By Doing This

Bunker shots and golfers don’t seem to go together too well but bunker shots should be the easiest of any golf shot. Why? Simply because it’s the only shot in golf that you don’t have to hit the golf ball! But most golfers that suffer from bad bunker shots do so because they have way…

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Golf Flexibility Video

Below is a sample video from the best golf flexiblity DVD’s (there’s two of them) I’ve ever seen. You can’t purchase these DVD’s from anywhere else anymore. But because they are so good I have secured the rights to sell them now. They are from the fitness guru, Bill Hartman. Now before you watch this…

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Great Tip To Improve Your Chipping By Stan Utley

Here’s a great golf video tip from Stan Utley in which he shares some awesome advice for improving your chipping. Stan Utley is the author of the book called The Art of the Short Game. Great golfers know that the secret to a lower score is a solid short game, but mastering those small strokes…

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Chipping Consistency – One (Great) Golf Drill To Help You Achieve Consistent Chipping

The chipping stroke is very easy. Or at least it should be very easy, because next to putting chipping is one of the smallest movements required in the game of golf. A good chip shot requires very little use of the body and wrists. The problem with most amateur golfers, however, is that they use…

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C No Evil Product Review

This is a review of the C No Evil product available at: This product review is the strangest product review I have ever done… and here’s why. The picture you see of that product to the left is not what I’m reviewing. Huh?! No, I’m reviewing the concept of this product. Here’s the story…

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Back Injuries and Golf: How To Reduce Your Risk

There’s one thing all my golfing patients have in common – they wish they had done something to protect their back. There are 30 million active golfers in the USA alone, 40% of which get injured each year – that’s a lot of bad backs. The lumbar spine (lower back) is the most common site…

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