Improve Your Ball Striking

7 Shortcuts to

Ball Striking

Every golfer should be able to do this Mobility Move

A warm up period is a necessary and important part of every golf fitness workout. It is something that every golfer should do whether you are a weekend warrior or professional golfer. The objective is to prepare both your body and mind for the work ahead while establishing a precedent for a safe and effective…

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The Best Golf Swing Balance Drill

Good balance in the golf swing is so important to hitting the ball consistently well. Recently I was reading about an oldie but a goodie drill for improving your balance. The drill is to simply hit balls with your feet together. Research has found that when golfers do this they lose about 10% of their…

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The Key To Putting Distance Control

When you look at what it takes to be a great putter (from a basic point of view) there’s only 3 things you need to focus on… 1. Starting line 2. Distance control 3. Green reading Now I believe that there’s a big carry over from putting to the rest of the game and vice…

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Pitching Consistency Tip

There’s almost nothing worse than “flubbing” a pitch shot. And often when we practice our pitching we are trying to hit one good shot after another. We’re searching for consistency in other words. But so much of golf improvement is counter-intuitive, and this new tip today definitely is… However, ironically, if you do it you…

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Do This To Hole More Putts

There’s little things you can do that over the long term will drop shots from your scores. Today I’m going to share one of those little things with you and I bet you’ve never done it before. You see, it’s well known for golfers to stand behind their ball on the putting green and visualize…

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Your Golf Scores Are Determined By This

I want you to think back to your last 10 games of golf. Were they mainly in the 90’s?  Were they in the 80’s or 70’s? Whatever the average was, I’m sure you’d like to score lower. But there’s one thing that if you don’t understand can stop that, no matter what you try to…

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Brooks Koepka Golf Swing Analysis

Wasn’t that an awesome final round of the 2018 PGA Championship? Best major of the year in my opinion. Of course, it helped with Tiger Woods surging up the leaderboard on the final day. But how rock solid was Brooks Koepka under the pressure?! Hitting long and straight drives, sticking his irons and holing pressure…

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Are You Guilty Of This Golfing Sin?

With distance measuring devices being common place now you’d think golfers would not be short of the pin as much as they are. Think back to your last game of golf and add up how often you were short of the pin. Imagine how many shots you could save if you got the ball to…

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How To Make Every Putt

This golf tip is going to help you hole more putts, but if you apply what I’m saying you’ll make every putt you attempt. Let me explain the subtle difference of what I’m talking with a famous story about Jack Nicklaus. Jack Nicklaus was a great putter. There’s no doubt about that. But he missed…

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Callaway Epic Driver Review

Over this past year I’ve purchased and tested over 20 drivers from different companies. I haven’t sent out any reviews on any of them for a couple of reasons… One of the main reasons is that nowadays you can go on Youtube and see reviews of any driver quickly and easily. However, I would question…

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