The Best Golf Swing Balance Drill

Good balance in the golf swing is so important to hitting the ball consistently well.

Recently I was reading about an oldie but a goodie drill for improving your balance.

The drill is to simply hit balls with your feet together.

Research has found that when golfers do this they lose about 10% of their potential distance. So it’s not a big loss in distance.

But I want you to take this balance drill to the next level. To do this I want you to hit balls with your feet together to start with. Then once you’re used to doing that, add in holding your finish for 15 seconds.

You may need to build up to doing that, but it’s a good goal to have. Because in my experience, when you watch a golfer who hits it consistently straight they all finish in perfect balance and can hold their finish for a long time.

So if you want straighter, more consistent shots, hitting shots with your feet together and then holding your finish is a great way to practice consistently.

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Jeff Richmond