Your Golf Scores Are Determined By This

I want you to think back to your last 10 games of golf. Were they mainly in the 90’s?  Were they in the 80’s or 70’s?

Whatever the average was, I’m sure you’d like to score lower.

But there’s one thing that if you don’t understand can stop that, no matter what you try to do technically to improve your golf game.

You see…

Your brain loves to keep things the same.

That’s why golfers have one good nine followed by one bad nine… TO KEEP THEM AT THEIR LEVEL!

That’s also why golfers have one bad nine followed by a great one.

That’s why golfers will often have a great round going and blow up the last 4 or 5 holes.

See, your mind loves familiarity.

If you see yourself as a 90’s shooter then that’s what you’ll always be… UNLESS you do something different.

Everyone knows that.

That’s why golfers buy new golf clubs. That’s why golfers try to improve their swings. That’s why golfers practice more.

While a lot of those things can certainly help golfers to lower their scores… they won’t make a big difference until the golfer starts to see themselves as an improved golfer.

I’m talking about long term improvement progress here. Any golfer can have a hot day and burn the course up. But over 10 games you’ll see an average and that will determine your level of play.

So how can you change it?

How can you move into a different scoring bracket?

Well, obviously this is a mental issue.

It’s a mental issue that’s causing you to play great one nineand crap the next.

Now what I’m about to give you is a long term solution. It’s things that you need to do day after day to program your mind for your new “normal”.

I’ll break this up into 3 tips for you…

Tip 1 – Spend 5 minutes relaxing and with your eyes closed imagining yourself playing a game of golf and playing very well. After each hole, see yourself writing down a good score.
Your good round should put you into a new scoring bracket by about 5 shots. So if you normally score low 90’s then visualize scoring high 80’s. You’ll need to do this daily. It will take time for you to change your scoring belief.

Tip 2 – Get a scorecard from your course and every day, write down a good score for you on each hole, then total it up. Do this with pencil so you can rub it out and do it every day.
After you write down your score get excited about the good score.  Really feel happy about your great score.

Tip 3 – Write down what sort of level of golfer you want to be.So again, if you’re a 90’s shooter then write down...

“I am a golfer that generally shoots in the high 80’s”

Write this down every day 20-30 times.

There you go, that’s 3 tips to help you start to break your mind familiarity trait. You will need to do this consistently for agood month or two. Don’t do this once, play a game, notice nodifference and give up.

What I’m talking about is your average score.

Everyone has a bad game. Everyone has a good game.

Your average score determines your handicap and level of play.

And to change that you need to change your perception of yourself as a golfer.

Jeff Richmond