Center Clubface Contact Drill

Everyone knows how much further the ball goes when you hit the sweetspot.

And there’s various ways to try to improve the consistency in doing that.

You can get some scholls foot spray and spray that on your driver, and see instantly where you are hitting the ball. Or you could get a red whiteboard marker pen and draw a circle on the back of the ball you’re hitting, and then hit the back of that and it will leave a mark on your clubface. Or you could use impact labels.

But here’s the thing…

If you are doing that and just trying to consistently hit the middle of the clubface then you’re missing a trick.

You see, if you can become good at purposely hitting various parts of the clubface other than the middle, then you can get good at hitting the middle more often. Doesn’t make sense, but a lot of things with golf improvement don’t.

Here’s a picture of an impact label that I like to use to get my students to practice this.

See how it’s got numbers on it?

Well, I get my students to try to hit the ball out of number 1, then number 2, then number 4. You need to mix this up. Then finally, you try to hit the middle of the clubface.

The least amount of shots it takes to do this drill is 7 shots.  I’ve never had anyone that could do it in that little amount of shots.

But this is a great center contact drill because it improves your skill to hit the middle more often. If you do this drill consistently then you will have more skill to do what you want.

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Jeff Richmond