Golfers Shouldn’t Look At Target Study Says

I want to share something I was reading that may make a good difference to your ball striking and something new to try. And this relates to accuracy with your long shots.

Now most golfers, when they aim at their target, either do so by just aiming up by looking at their target, or do that AND get an intermediary target and use that to help aim to a target a long way away.

There’s arguments about which is better, but a new study was conducted that found that neither of these ways was the best.

A study was done to get golfers of all different abilities aiming the following 3 ways:

  • Looking only at a distant target.
  • Looking only at an intermediary target.
  • Then the traditional method of looking at both the distant and intermediate target.

This study found (I’ll have a link to the article below) that the group of golfers tested hit the ball more accurately when they only lined up with an intermediary target and DID NOT look at the final target.

Interesting results aren’t they?

The thing with studies like this is that you can’t say that everyone is going to get better results. But this is something you can and should experiment with.

To do that find an intermediate target on the ground about 2 feet in front of your ball that is on a direct line to your target. Then setup to your ball by using the target 2 feet in front of your ball and then swing. Don’t look at your final target.

This might be hard to do at first so try it on the driving range first, and then go and play a few quiet nine holes to see how it goes.

Who knows, it could be a big breakthrough for you. Give it a try.

Here’s a link to the article that talks about this study.

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Jeff Richmond