Improve Your Ball Striking

7 Shortcuts to

Ball Striking

How To Take Your Range Game To The Golf Course

One common question I get about the mental game is… “I hit it great on the range but can’t take that to the golf course. Got any tips to help with this?” This is such a common problem and the reason why this happens is so simple… On the range there’s no consequence for a…

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The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Video

Below is a video about The Golf Swing Speed Challenge. Watch the video and learn how the golf swing speed challenge is going to help you hit much longer drives in record time. The Golf Swing Speed Challenge has helped many golfers from all around the world to hit the golf ball longer, straighter and…

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Long Drive Myth #8 – If You Try To Swing Faster You’ll Get Injured

I’ve said this a million times, but I’ll say it again because it’s so important… the faster you swing… the further the ball will go. For every 1mph you increase your swing speed by, you’ll gain roughly 2.2 – 2.5 yards in distance. So following programs like this can help you to dramatically improve the…

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Long Drive Myth #7 – You’re Too Old To Increase Your Swing Speed

I so often hear older golfers say….”I’m (insert age here) and I’m too old to even try to increase my swing speed.” It’s sad…but they’re right, IF… They Keep That Attitude! Look, no matter what age you are, if you can swing a golf club you can increase your swing speed. And if you follow…

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Long Drive Myth #6 – Drive For Dough Putt For Show

If you’ve been around golf for a little while you would have heard of the saying… Drive For Show Putt For Dough And what that is implying is that you can drive great but it doesn’t really matter that much.  You’ll impress some people, look good, yada, yada.   But it’s not that important because what really…

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Long Drive Myth #5 – Added Distance Will Be Inaccurate Distance

There’s a popular misconception among average golfers, that if you gain  distance you’ll be less accurate. I’m not sure where that misconception came from – BUT it’s wrong! Look… you can hit the ball longer and be MORE accurate, because if you look at the main things you can do to hit the ball longer,…

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Long Drive Myth #4 – You Need Expensive Equipment To Measure Smash Factor

Have you heard of the term “Smash Factor”? Smash Factor is the term used for the measurement of your ball speed, divided by your clubhead speed. This measurement is so important, because it tells you how well you hit the ball in terms of transferring speed into the golf ball. And the largest influence on…

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Long Drive Myth #3 – Pro’s Swing Slowly

You hear it all the time on golf courses….I need to slow my swing down. Maybe you’ve even said that yourself. Well, unless you swing at 160 mph and are spraying it all over the place you don’t need to slow your swing down….ever! You may need better timing. You may need better rhythm and…

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Long Drive Myth #2 – You Can’t Add Lot’s Of Distance To Your Drives Quickly

No doubt you’ve seen the ads that say things like… “Add 30 Yards To Your Drives In A Bucket Of Balls”. And if you’ve purchased anything that says something like that, you would have quickly found out that you can’t add 30 yards to your drives in a bucket of balls. But that doesn’t mean…

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Long Drive Myth #1 – You Can’t Increase Your Swing Speed

Imagine getting someone who is 15 years old, never trained in their life and can run the 100 meter sprint in 15 seconds and saying to them…. “Sorry, that’s as fast as you can run. Don’t try to train to run faster because you just won’t get any faster.” That would be a stupid thing…

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