Golf Backswing Secret

Ben Hogan did something in his setup that gave him tremendous stored up energy in the backswing. It’s something you can easily do when you swing the golf club too.

And what I’m about to share with you is a solution to a very common problem that a lot of amateurs have in the backswing, which is this…

During the backswing a lot of amateurs get too much weight onto the outside of the right foot and slide their right knee to the right. What Hogan did to prevent this from happening in the backswing was to kick in his right knee slightly towards the target at setup. Here is a picture of this…

When you do that you need to keep your right knee in that same position all throughout the backswing and this will allow you to create some great torque in the backswing.

If you’ve been guilty of letting your weight go to the outside of your right foot in the backswing it’s not going to be that easy to change that. But here’s a great way to help you do this. When you setup to a practice shot, place a golf ball under the outside of your right foot like this….

…then simply swing back and through.

By doing this, it will force you to keep the weight on the inside of your right foot in the backswing and you’ll have a lot more stored up energy to release in the downswing, which naturally will give you longer drives. And speaking about longer drives…

Ben Hogan was known as one of the longest and straightest drivers that has ever lived. And many golfers who get The Stress-Free Golf Swing and use the Hogan secret in it report a lot longer drives, like this…

“Hey Jeff, just gotta let you know this new swing is working!!! I’ve been hitting it at least 15 yards longer with my driver after making the swing change. Awesome man! For once something has worked as promised!!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll be on the lookout for more products from you.”

Jim Stewart, CA, USA

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