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Ball Striking

Ben Hogan’s 1st Tee Shot – Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf

This video shows Ben Hogan playing his 1st drive in the Shells Wonderful World of Golf event in which Ben Hogan played against Sam Snead. In this match Ben Hogan hit every fairway and every green in regulation. Watch this first drive to see why.

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Ben Hogan Swing 1948

In this video Ben Hogan is hitting a driver in about 1948.  This was before his car crash and Hogan said himself this was when he was swinging his best. This is a very clear face on swing of Hogan and it shows how great his golf swing was. Poetry in motion…. as perfect a…

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Ben Hogan Waggle Instructional Video

In the video below you’ll see Ben Hogan’s waggle from two different angles at four different speeds. Ben Hogan did everything in his swing for a reason. And the moves he makes in his waggle are for a specific reason. Notice how his right elbow touches his right hip and how his left elbow moves…

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Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing Tempo

Ben Hogan was known as having a quick golf swing tempo.  In this video you will see Ben swinging with the 21/7 golf swing tempo. I think Ben Hogan got his fast golf swing tempo from his day’s as a caddie.  Because they used to have long driving competitions and a young Ben was always…

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Ben Hogan’s Pre Shot Routine

Ben Hogan had a very consistent pre-shot routine as you can see in this video below.  And Ben Hogan was a great ball striker.  Arguably the best ball striker that has ever played the game of golf.   A big reason why he was such a consistently great ball striker was because he setup to…

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Ben Hogan’s Best Golf Swing

This video below shows the best and clearest Ben Hogan golf swing there is from the face on view with some nice classical music to match the beauty of Ben Hogan’s golf swing.  This best golf swing of Ben Hogan is repeated over and over.   And watching a great golf swing like Ben Hogan’s…

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How To Groove Your New Perfect Golf Swing

It’s very important before you groove anything that you have a very clear idea in your mind as to what the perfect golf swing for you is. That’s why this new article is after this one.   So I’m going to assume that you have a good image of the perfect golf swing you want to groove. Once you’ve done that…

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Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Analysis

Below is a swing analysis of Dustin Johnson. Dustin does some interesting things in his swing, as you’ll read about in a minute, so let’s get started… At address Dustin looks primed and ready to go. His feet alignment is a bit open but his shoulders are pretty square. He has a strong left hand grip. From the setup…

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Use this Henrik Stenson Magic Move For Longer Drives (instantly)

What an amazing final day at The 2016 Open. The final duo of Phil and Henrik provided us with some of the best golf you’ll ever see. Henrik was a very worthy champion. His ball striking was simply superb! Combine that with great putting and you have the key for very, very low scores. When I was…

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How to Own Your Golf Swing

When Tiger Woods was playing golf he often was asked about his swing and what he was doing. He said he was trying to own his golf swing. And he said that only two golfers have ever owned their swing. Ben Hogan and Moe Norman. I don’t agree with only two golfers ever owning their…

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