Long Drive Myth #7 – You’re Too Old To Increase Your Swing Speed

I so often hear older golfers say….”I’m (insert age here) and I’m too old to even try to increase my swing speed.”

It’s sad…but they’re right, IF…

They Keep That Attitude!

Look, no matter what age you are, if you can swing a golf club you can increase your swing speed.

And if you follow a program like this one which lays out everything you need to increase your swing speed, and if you can’t do everything in it….so what!

No matter what age you are, you have to look at improvement.

If you can’t do something that is meant to help you swing faster, then find something else you can do and do that.

People so often get hung up on what they CAN’T do, rather than what they can.

If you’re over the age of 60, and you’ve got the mentality that you’re too old to do exercises to increase your swing speed, you have to do a couple of things…

1. Give yourself a good slap around the ears, and then

2. Change your attitude to be more positive!

Here’s a simple example of this. Imagine if I told you to do 10 press-ups, and you’ll be guaranteed to increase your swing speed by 10 mph once you’ve done them.

But because you haven’t exercised for years you can only do 1 press-up. I know for a fact, in situations like this people will give up because they can’t do the prescribed number of repetition of an exercise. But that’s the wrong attitude.

If you can only do one press-up each day, then in a couple of days you will be able to do 2 press-ups. In a week’s time you might be able to do 3 press-ups. Then in a month you might be able to do 10 press-ups, and add 10 mph in swing speed to your swing speed.

That was just an analogy of course.

Doing 10 press-ups probably wouldn’t help you add 10 mph to your swing speed… OR WOULD IT?!

You see, if you haven’t exercised in a while then the only way is up. And you’ll find that you can make B-I-G improvements in your strength, flexibility, power etc. compared to someone who has been working out a long time.

And with big improvements, come nice improvements in swing speed. So if you’re over 60 and haven’t exercised in a while, then following a program like this one, and just doing what you can and improving all the time, will help you to reap big rewards.

Finally, on this topic, another complaint I hear from golfers is that they have bad knees and so they can’t exercise. Or they have a bad back, or they have a shoulder injury…and the list goes on.

The last time I checked, none of us have perfect bodies. So if I gave you 10 exercises to increase your swing speed, and you can only do 5 of them because of old injuries….don’t you think it would be better to do 5 rather than none?

Look at improvement…whenever you’re doing anything to increase your swing speed (or any other area of your life for that matter).

Ok, so that’s my pep talk for today. From now on…I don’t want to hear ever again from a golfer that they’re too old to increase their swing speed. You’re never too old. As long as you can swing a golf club, you can try to increase your swing speed so you hit longer shots.

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Jeff Richmond