Golf Tip – How To Have Confidence On Golf Holes

Golf Tip Question I feel more comfortable and confident on some holes than on others. I don’t like this feeling and I know it costs me strokes so what can I do to have more confidence on the holes that I dislike? Golf Tip Answer To help you solve this problem here’s what I suggest…

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Golf Tip – Putter Face Alignment

Golf Tip Question Often when I miss short putts it’s because my putter head is not square to my target. How can I align my putter head square to where I want my ball to start? Golf Tip Answer Almost every putt over about 3 feet has some break to it. But you need to…

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Golf Tip – Improve Putting Distance Control

Golf Tip Question I’m having trouble with distance control on my putts. Can you give me some advice to help in this area? Golf Tip Answer Here’s a very simple way you can get a gauge on the distance of your putts…and very rarely do I see average to above average golfers doing it. But…

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Golf Tip – Better Golf Shots In The Wind

Golf Tip Question When it’s windy I really struggle with my ball striking. What can I do to hit better shots in the wind? Golf Tip Answer The first thing you should do before each shot you play is assess where exactly the wind is coming from and with what strength. To do this simply…

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Golf Tip – Short Putt Confidence

Golf Tip Question I don’t have very much confidence over short putts. Can you give me something to improve my short putt confidence? Golf Tip Answer Here’s a great putting drill that you’ll see the top pros, like Phil Mickelson, performing all the time to improve their confidence over short putts. To do this putting…

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Golf Tip – Hit Great First Tee Shots

Golf Tip Question I often hit a bad shot off the first tee. So what can I do to hit this first shot better? Golf Tip Answer Here’s a couple of things you can do which will help you to get off the first tee with more success. 1st. Hit some warm up shots before…

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