Golf Tip – Improve Putting Distance Control

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I’m having trouble with distance control on my putts. Can you give me some advice to help in this area?

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Here’s a very simple way you can get a gauge on the distance of your putts…and very rarely do I see average to above average golfers doing it. But I see good golfers doing it all the time. So that must tell you something. πŸ™‚

For every putt over about 10 feet, you should walk the length of the putt to get a feel for the distance. And when you do this you should walk close to the line where your ball is going to be travelling on. By doing this you’ll get a feel for the slope of the ground and you will get a great feel for distance by doing this.

Also walking close to your line gives you an idea of what your ball has to go over to get to the hole. Most players look at their line while over the ball, and never take a close look at what their ball has to go over. A final important point about doing this is that when you’re walking the line (like Johnny Cash πŸ˜‰ ) you should always start at the hole first, as this is your ultimate target and the green surrounding the hole will be the ultimate judge of your putt’s success or not.

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