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I don’t have very much confidence over short putts. Can you give me something to improve my short putt confidence?

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Here’s a great putting drill that you’ll see the top pros, like Phil Mickelson, performing all the time to improve their confidence over short putts. To do this putting drill place 8 balls evenly around a hole and place these balls just 1 foot from the hole to start with, then attempt to hole all 8 balls in a row. Once you can do this, then move the 8 balls out to two feet from the hole, then attempt to hole all 8 balls in a row. Once you’ve achieved this, now place all the balls at 3 feet, and attempt to hole all those putts.

Whatever you do, don’t move back until you’ve holed 8 consecutive putts from the distance you’re at. If you ever get to 5 or 6 feet then you are short putting really, really well and your confidence will be huge. The pressure when you get down to the last few putts of the 8, is very good for your game. This drill is also very good because you have to change positions for each putt. Remember, when you do this to make sure you go through your full pre-shot routine for each and every putt. Treat each putt as you would out on the golf course. That’s very important!

If you want to make this drill harder then do it on a hole with more slope. Now I can promise you… if you do this putting confidence drill regularly, you’ll quickly improve your confidence over short putts and lower your golf scores.

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