Golf Tip – How To Fix A Short Jabby Putting Stroke

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When I’m faced with a short putt I often make a short, jabby type of stroke. What can I do to fix this?

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Making a short jabby putting stroke on short putts will not help you to hole the crucial short putts. You know that… but what should you do to fix this problem? Well, the absolute best thing you should do is the opposite of what you’re currently doing on short putts. So go out to your local practice putting green and place a ball down 2 feet away from the hole. Then setup to putt this ball, but when you do I want you to follow-through so your putter head finishes over the hole. Once you’ve holed the ball like this once, then I want you to do this over and over again until you’ve hit at least 50 putts like this into the hole.

This is such a great thing to do because it will instill acceleration into your putting stroke, and that’s what you need to do when faced with a short putt. It’s an over exaggeration, of course, of what you’re going to do on the golf course. But by doing this drill often, it will help you to learn to accelerate through your short putts out on the golf course.

And if you get nervous out on the golf course over short putts, just by doing this drill I’ve given you often, then on the golf course you’ll have a more flowing, accelerating putting stroke and this will result in more holed short putts.

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