Your Golf Slice Will Be Gone When You Do This

Your golf slice will almost certainly be the result of a flat backswing followed by a steep downswing. Or an over the top move as it’s commonly known.

To fix your golf slice you want to do the opposite which is to have a steep backswing and a flat downswing. To help you start to do this I’m going to give you a great drill that will train you to swing the club back steeply like a Jack Nicklaus or Fred Couples.

To do this drill get out your 7-iron (or you may want to use an old club) and then setup to an imaginary golf ball and do this next to a wall so your bottom is just touching it.

Once setup I then want you to swing back normally. But if you swing back and hit the wall that means your swing is too flat which again, will be the major reason why you have a slice problem.

When you try to fix your flat backswing you MUST not do this by simply picking the club up. That will lead to even more ball striking problems. Instead you must take the club away with a one piece take away and then when the club is parallel with the ground (about 1-2 yards into your backswing) then the club should be hinged up wards to move the club on a very steep plane.

If you’ve been swinging flat for a very long time then this will feel very strange to you but that’s ok because that means it’s something different to what you do normally and that’s good because it will lead to a change.

Now you just need to continue swinging up the wall. By doing this it will get your arms into a very upright position.

Again, this probably feels very odd to you. If it does the quickest way to stop that feeling is to do this drill over and over again!

Then after you can swing back “normally” with your 7-iron without hitting the wall then repeat the drill with your 5-iron and keep repeating this drill until you can do it with your driver.

Now it’s true that this swing with your driver will be far too upright. But I’m sure you’ll find that by exaggerating it when you go to swing normally your golf swing will be no where near what it is when your practicing this wall drill. However, if you’re concerned about that video your swing before and after to see.

You’ll be shocked I’m sure at the results because you’ll quickly see that what you feel you’re doing and actually doing are two different things. You may feel that you’re swinging very uprightly but the video will show you that your “new” golf swing will probably be very close to your “old” golf swing.

So exaggeration is the key with this drill. Keep doing it until the exaggerated upright swing feels normal. Then when you swing normally you’re more likely to be in a good backswing position to attack the ball from the inside and cure your golf slice.

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