The Golf Slice Cure

If you were to look at 100 golfers swings that suffer from a slice problem, I’m sure 99 out of 100 would have a flat backswing, followed by a steeper downswing.  Or an over the top swing – which naturally causes a slice.

So if you suffer from a slice problem, you’re going to love this golf slice cure that I’m about to give you.

To do this I’m going to give you a golf drill that is going to help you to groove a more upright backswing plane.  Before I give you this drill however you must understand that the backswing plane is largely governed by the shoulder turn so that’s what I’m going to help you focus on with this drill.

To do this golf slice cure drill I want you to setup to a golf ball with good posture.  Then place the club behind your neck so it is lying across your shoulders and hold each end of the club with one of your hands.

Once ready I then want you to move your shoulders in a similar way that you would when swinging a golf club.  But when you do this you must exaggerate the steepness of your shoulder plane.  You do this by trying to point the club to your ball at the finish of your backswing.

It’s important when doing this drill however to keep your back leg in the same place as what it was at setup. Do not cheat by letting your right leg collapse when doing this golf drill.

If you have a slice problem please make sure you do this drill often.  Then when you go to swing normally focus on moving your shoulders on a very upright plane and keeping your right leg in the same place as it was when you setup.

By doing this you’ll be grooving a much more upright backswing and this will help you to swing down flatter so you can cure your golf slice.

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