Fix Your Golf Slice Fast By Doing This…

If you want to fix your golf slice in the quickest possible time then you MUST do the exact opposite of what you’re doing to hit your golf slice in the first place. The fastest way to do that is to do drills that exaggerate the opposite of what you’re currently doing. And I can be almost 100% certain that if you suffer from a slice problem you’ll be swinging back too flat on the backswing and then you’ll be coming down too steeply on the downswing.

This is commonly referred to as the over the top swing.

So in this article I’m going to give you one drill that is the fastest way to fix an over the top swing. It’s called the loop drill, which is aptly titled, as you’ll soon see.

Before you do this drill, however, I must warn you. If you do it properly it will feel very, very strange. But that’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel, because it’s the exact opposite of what you’re currently doing. So even though this drill may feel strange, do it anyway to fix your golf slice – fast.

Ok, to do this golf slice cure drill get out your driver and setup to an imaginary golf ball. Then start your back swing normally with a one-piece take-away for the first few feet. But from that point on move the club on a very, very, very upright plane. This must be so upright it feels ridiculous but no matter, simply complete your backswing with the most upright swing plane you can muster.

Once you have completed your backswing, then I want you to do a HUGE loop with the golf club to make it come down way behind you and very, very, very flat. Then swing down through the ball feeling like you are swinging out to the right, and then follow-through to a full finish as normal.

Do this loop drill as often as you want, knowing that the more you do it – the faster you’ll fix your slice problem.

Honestly, this is the fastest way I know of to help you fix your slice problem. Now you know it, your success will come down to whether you do this drill a lot, and whether or not you can exaggerate the drill enough to make a difference in your normal golf swing.

But I’m sure if you did this loop drill ever day for at least 30 days then you would fix your golf slice. Remember, it does take a while to change a habit. So keep doing this drill and you WILL fix your golf slice once and for all.

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