The Longer Golf Drives Formula

To hit longer drives the formula is really simple:

If you normally swing at 85 mph on the downswing and through the ball and then you increase that swing speed to 95 mph you will hit the ball further. About 25 yards further in fact, because for every 1 mph you increase your swing speed you will gain about 2.5 yards in distance.

This all sounds well and good in theory. But the problem is that when most amateur golfers try to swing faster in an attempt to hit the ball further, they often find it doesn’t actually work for them.

The reason it doesn’t work is because when most amateur golfers try to swing faster they lose their balance. When they lose their balance they lose timing, and when they lose their timing they lose distance.

So to hit the golf ball further you need to swing faster right where it matters – at impact, while still maintaining your balance and timing. So I’m going to share with you a great way to learn what is needed to do just that.

Get your driver and turn it up the other way so you’re gripping it near the head and the golf grip is down the bottom. Now I want you to setup to an imaginary ball and then close your eyes.
From this setup position I want you to simply swing the club back and forth, swinging at about 60% of your potential power. As you’re doing this listen to the “whoosh”. It should be loudest right at impact.

After about 20 swings I want you increase the speed of your swing by 10% and again listen to the “whoosh” sound, making sure it’s loudest at impact.

It’s important you do this golf swing speed exercise with your eyes closed so you are more focused on the sound and your balance, rather than being focused on swing positions.

Keep repeating this process of increasing your golf swing speed until you’re swinging as fast as you can and the “whoosh” is the fastest at impact.

Then after you have achieved that simply repeat the same drill with the driver up the normal way. By doing this golf drill regularly it will get you feeling the power of the golf swing in the correct place, along with retaining your balance and timing. Naturally, this will result in longer golf drives for you.

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