Building Putting Confidence On The Putting Greens

To help you increase your putting confidence here is a simple putting drill you can do.

For this practice putting drill you will need your putter and one golf ball.

This is a simple, fast and fun putting exercise. In fact this golf drill is so fast you can do it almost every time you go to the golf course, whether you’re playing a round of golf or just practicing your putting . So here is what you need to do with your putter and golf ball…

Go to a golf course or a practice facility that has a practice putting green, and on your first few trips try to find a hole location that is relatively flat.

As your skills increase, you can look for more challenging hole positions. Since you will be hogging a hole, you might need to vary the times you go until you find a time that is not crowded.

Start by placing your golf ball one foot away from the hole and at the low side of the hole, so that your first putt is uphill. Putt the ball into the hole from this spot. Aim for the back of the cup. I want you to be aggressive, no fear of missing.

Just so we’re clear however…this is NOT one of those miss and start all over putting drills. If you have a pre-shot putting routine, and I highly recommend you do, use it on each and every putt.

This is a good opportunity to refine and define your pre-shot putting routine.

Also take your time to read the green. If you miss a putt, finish putting from wherever your ball comes to rest. In other words putt out every ball as if you were playing a regular round of golf. Keep putting until your ball is in the cup.

Go back to the position you started from one foot below the hole. Stand at that position and face the hole. Imagine you are looking at a clock and the hole is the center that the minute and hour arms pivot. Where you are standing is your one o’clock starting position. From here move to the two o’clock position, the position directly to your left, and step back a foot.

Your second position is at two o’clock and two feet from the hole. From here putt your ball into the hole. Again, read the green, perform your pre-putt routine and be aggressive with your putt. Keep proceeding until you have circled the clock 1-1/2 times.

So your third position will be at three o’clock and three feet from the hole. Your fourth position will be at four o’clock and four feet from the hole.

The drill is over when you are at six o’clock (for the second time) and eighteen feet from the hole. At completion you have putted from eighteen different positions. Each position becoming progressively more difficult. You have just simulated an eighteen hole round of putts.

To track your progress keep track of how many putts you make. The goal is to take 36 or less strokes per practice drill.

Remember, putt out every ball, even from two inches. Count every stroke. Be honest with yourself.

Keep doing this drill regularly and you will see improvement in your putting. This will translate into lower scores. Which results in higher putting confidence. Thus resulting in even lower golf/putting scores. :-)

About the author: Scott Myers is a putting expert who has helped golfers of all skill levels to start shooting the best golf scores of their life by teaching a simple, step-by-step putting formula designed to drop 9-to-11 strokes in as little as 5 minutes. To learn more about Scott’s putting secrets system click here.

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