Golf Drill To Check Your Backswing

There are certain places in your backswing where you can check whether or not your swing is on the right track. In this article, I’m going to tell you about a position in your backswing where you should check this, and I’m going to give you a great drill to check it. Ok, let’s get started…

When the club is parallel with the ground a few yards into your backswing it’s a critical place in your backswing that you should check. Because if you get that position correct the rest of the backswing should fall into place naturally.
Now first I’m going to explain the position your club should be in and then I’m going to give you a golf drill to check your backswing position.

When your club is parallel with the ground a yard or two into your backswing your clubhead should be either pointing directly up to the sky or slightly closed. You should not have the clubface open (i.e. pointing to the sky) at all when your club is parallel with the ground.

Also, at this point in your backswing it’s important that your club shaft is pointing parallel to your target line and here is a great golf drill to check these two things.

To do this golf drill setup to a golf shot with your driver. Then place an old golf shaft or umbrella into the ground one yard behind your right toe, directly on the same line as your toes. This must be positioned so that if a person were to look at your setup from behind the golf shaft/umbrella,

your toes would be all along the same line.

Once this is in place then I want you to start your backswing with a one piece take-away and keep moving the club away until the club reaches a position where the club shaft is parallel with the ground and then stop the club.

Now at this point the club should just be touching the umbrella/golf shaft and the toe of your club should be either straight up and down or slightly closed.

If you do this golf drill and the club hits the umbrella/golf shaft a lot earlier than when the club reaches the position where it is parallel with the ground that means your backswing was too flat and this is wrong and will most likely lead to an over the top move and a slice.

When your club is parallel with the ground just into your backswing, it should be pointing along your toe line. This golf drill makes it very easy to check this, so keep doing this drill to get used to taking the club away into the correct backswing position.

When you do this you’ll consistently find the golf swing is easier to perform, and as a result you’ll hit better golf shots. This is a great golf drill to help you achieve this – so go to it.

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