The Magic Drill For Longer Golf Drives

If you want to hit longer golf drives then you’re going to love this article because you’ll discover exactly what you need to work on to hit longer drives, along with a great golf drill to help you accomplish it. You see, an American company did some research into those golfers that hit long drives…

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Golf Drill To Improve Your Pitching Feel

When you watch golf on T.V. you often hear the commentators talking about feel shots. Especially when a golfer is faced with a pitch shot. So what do they mean when they talk about a feel shot? Well, what they are referring to is that the golfer will not have a specific yardage for the…

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How To Fix A Golf Swing Balance Problem Fast

If you’re suffering from losing your balance as you’re swinging you’ll know how detrimental this can be to your ball striking. So that’s why in this article I’m going to give you a simple golf drill to help you fix your golf swing balance problem, fast. Ok, let’s get started. First, you need to understand…

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Golf Pitching Consistency Drill

You would think that a pitch shot would be easier for golfers because of the shorter swing required. But sadly, most amateur golfers hit worse pitch shots than they do full shots. It doesn’t need to be like that and I’m going to explain why this is often the case, and what you can do…

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The Longer Golf Drives Formula

To hit longer drives the formula is really simple: If you normally swing at 85 mph on the downswing and through the ball and then you increase that swing speed to 95 mph you will hit the ball further. About 25 yards further in fact, because for every 1 mph you increase your swing speed…

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Golf Drill To Check Your Golf Backswing

If you go to pretty much any driving range and watch how golfer’s practice, you’ll see many golfers stopping at the top of their backswing and trying to see if the club is in a good top of the backswing position. Naturally it’s very hard to tell by doing this so in this article I’m…

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"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"