Chipping Drill – Feel What Your Arms Should Be Doing In A Chip Shot

If you can chip the ball close to the hole consistently then you know you’ll score lower and have more fun playing golf. Well, in this article you’re going to discover a great, simple chipping drill you can use to improve your chipping so you slash strokes from your scores. So let’s get started.

When you’re making a chipping motion your arms should not be doing a lot. They should simply be moving with the rocking motion of your shoulders. They should not provide any real power by themselves.

A great way to feel what your arms should be doing when chipping is to chip with only one hand at a time.

So to do this drill get out your 9-iron and about 30 golf balls. Then setup to a ball with your normal chipping setup, but just before you begin your chipping motion take your right hand off the grip so only your left hand is on the grip. Now just chip your ball with only your left hand, making sure to move that it is your shoulder motion which causes your arm to move. Do this for the rest of the 30 balls. Then repeat this with the other arm hitting the 30 balls again, using only your right hand.

After hitting your 30 balls with each arm, with only one hand then hit some chip shots with both of your hands on the grip and feel the difference.

This chipping drill will help you to minimize all excessive movement when chipping. As you’ll soon find when you do this drill, the less movement you can have when chipping, the better.

You want your chipping action to be like a putting action with the only difference being a little leg movement to add feel. Leg movement to add feel?


Do not try and keep your lower body completely still when chipping. Let your legs move back and through with your chipping stroke. When doing this one hand chipping drill you’ll need to have leg movement, because if you don’t have any leg movement the ball won’t go very far and you’ll feel stiff.

So practice this one handed chipping drill to simplify your chipping swing. Simpler is always better and you’ll no doubt hit your chip shots closer to the hole more often as a result of doing this chipping drill.

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  1. Raymond Chastel on November 3, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Great tip.To help getting the wrists out of the movement ,form a triangle with both arms ,and simple rock the triangle with your shoulders back and forth .

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