Golf Drill To Check Your Golf Backswing

If you go to pretty much any driving range and watch how golfer’s practice, you’ll see many golfers stopping at the top of their backswing and trying to see if the club is in a good top of the backswing position.

Naturally it’s very hard to tell by doing this so in this article I’m going to give you one great golf drill to check your golf backswing position.

To do this drill simply swing back to the top of your backswing as you normally would and then stop and hold your backswing position for a second.

From this position loosen your grip and let the golf shaft fall down and notice where the shaft hits you.

  • If golf shaft hits you on the right shoulder then your backswing was good.
  • If the shaft misses your body altogether, however, then your backswing was too flat.
  • If the shaft hits you on your head or neck then that will tell you that your top of the backswing position is too upright.

This golf drill will give you great feedback on where you are at the top of the backswing. Once you find out this information you can then make the necessary changes in your backswing so you get into the correct top of the backswing position. Or this can be confirmation that your backswing is good and you can then have confidence to hit the golf ball hard.

So do this golf drill the next time you’re practicing to check your golf backswing position.

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  1. Randall on December 17, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Awesome just what I needed for my game!

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