The One Hour Golf Practice Plan To Improve Your Golf Game

If you have about an hour per week to spend on improving your golf game you can make some great improvements in your golf game – IF you use this time wisely. So in this article I’m going to give you a practice plan that you can use to use this time wisely so you do actually improve your golf game.

Ok, the very first thing you should do when you go to practice is do a few stretches to warm up and loosen up your muscles. This doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, however, just some arm swings, twists, toe touches etc. Spend about 5 minutes doing this to get nice and loose and warm.

After this warm-up then start off hitting some golf balls with a wedge. Hit about 3 balls with your wedge and then change to your 9-iron and hit 3 balls with that. Continue changing clubs and hitting about 3 balls with each golf club until you reach your driver. This should take you about 20 minutes. But this is important – when you hit these shots you should treat each shot as though it’s a real shot out on the golf course, and go through your pre-shot routine for each shot.

After this you should then practice pitching for about 15 minutes. When you do this never hit the same shot to the same target. For every pitch shot pick out a new target to hit to and go through your pre-shot routine for each shot just like you would out on the golf course.

Next up you should practice chipping and bunker shots for about 10 minutes. Again, play a different shot each time and go through your pre-shot routine for each and every shot.

After doing this you will now have about 10 minutes left in the hour. In this time you should work on improving your putting. For most of this 10 minutes you should focus on putts outside of 10 feet. Work on hitting the longer putts the correct distances so you are left with an easy tap in. When doing this, hit your putts to the fringe rather than to the hole to help you focus on your distance control rather than focusing on the hole. Then to finish off your putting session knock in some short putts. This will give you confidence as you’re finishing off your practice session on a successful note. But do not end on a missed putt, make sure you finish up after a successfully holed putt.

Alright, that is how you should spend your one hour practice session to improve your golf game. Here is this in bullet form so you can print it out and take it to the golf course with you:

1st. Spend 5 minutes stretching to warm up your muscles.
2nd. Spend 20 minutes hitting about 3 balls with each of your clubs, starting with the wedge and finishing with the driver.
3rd. Spend 5 minutes hitting pitch shots. Remember, try to hit each pitch shot to a different distance and target.
4th. Spend 10 minutes trying to improve your chipping and bunker shots.
5th. Spend 10 minutes trying to improve your putting. Spend most of this time trying to improve your distance control and then finish with some short putts.

So long as you treat each golf shot as though it’s a real one on the golf course, then you’ll notice over time that your golf game will improve a lot by practicing like this just once a week.

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