Longer Golf Drives Can Be Yours With These 6 Simple Hand Exercises

Your only connection with the golf club is your hands. So it’s very important if you want to hit longer, more accurate golf drives that you exercise your hands.

To help you do this, below are six simple hand exercises you can do to help improve your hand strength and flexibility for longer golf shots. These exercises can be done easily in the comfort of your own home, and they do not require you to purchase anything that you would not already have available. Before we get into the exercises, however, here is some important advice.

The following exercises are for strengthening the lower arms. You can make these exercises easier by holding lower down on the shaft of the golf club, and if you need to you can also make these exercises harder by using a heavier club and holding the club near the end.

When you begin the exercises you should hold the golf club in a place which as a result, after about 20 repetitions you are reasonably tired. Do 20 repetitions with each hand and when you’re just starting out with these exercises, keep your sessions to once a week and slowly build up to three sessions per week as you progress. Stop if you feel any soreness or any other feeling that you don’t think is normal.

After a while of doing these exercises at 20 repetitions you can increase the repetitions gradually until you can do about 100 with each hand. But like any exercise, use common sense as you build up to that. So without any further ado, here are the hand strengthening and flexibility exercises.

1. This first hand exercise is a great one for the wrists as it simulates the open and closing feeling that should happen in your golf swing. To do this exercise stand with your golf club as you would to address a golf ball, then keeping the upper arm pointing down to the ground, raise the club up so it’s pointing to the sky. Now press your elbow against your side and roll the club from one side to the other as far as the arm will allow. Only use the top hand for this exercise, so you’ll only be doing this exercise with you left arm (or right arm for lefties).

2. This exercise is a great one for strengthening the wrists for longer drives. Do this exercise with each arm, one at a time. Holding a golf club in your hand, hold your arm slightly bent against your side so that only your wrist is mobile. Now move the club in chopping motions up and down. The club should be in front of you, and you should move it towards your head and then towards the ground.

3. Do this golf exercise with each hand, one at a time. While holding a golf club place your elbow against your side and “write” all the letters in the alphabet in the air with the golf club, using big movements of the wrist and lower arm.

4. Repeat the previous exercise and “write” all the letters in the alphabet in the air, but this time do not place your elbow against your side. Keep your arm straight, so that you are writing using only the shoulders and wrists.

5. Hold a club in your left hand, and take up your golf stance. Hold your right hand behind your back. Using only your left hand wrist, raise the club to the horizontal position and then lower it. Repeat this until your forearm tightens. Complete all repetitions and then swap the club to your right hand and repeat the exercise with the other hand.

6. Wring out a wet or dry hand-towel, using both hands and twisting as hard as possible. Change hands from time to time, left above right, then right above left, until your forearms tighten.

So there you go, six great hand exercises for you to do to build up the strength and flexibility in your hands. After a while of doing these exercises not only will you hit longer drives but you’ll also find it easier to get out of the rough as well. Have fun hitting longer golf drives.

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