Chipping Lesson 7 – Follow-Through

In this final chipping lesson for this series we’re going to cover the follow-through.

Now after the golf club digs into the ground, the speed of the golf club wants to continue on towards the finish. When you finish for a chip shot you should have a low follow through. You don’t want you to stop the clubhead after impact but you do want the clubhead to continue on low to the ground. (See Chipping Picture #27 Below)

Chipping Follow-Through

You do not want to stop the clubhead at impact, and you do not want to have a full follow through such as that of the full swing. (See Chipping Picture #28 Below)

Long Chipping Follow-Through

Too Long Chipping Follow-Through

When chipping the club is coming down on a steep angel so it’s very difficult to bring the club back up. You should try and do that instead it is much easier to have a low follow through along the ground. So sum up this chipping follow-through lesson you should swing the club low to the ground just after impact for a foot or two. Do not try to lift the ball off the ground.

That is the end of this chipping lesson series. I hope you have enjoyed it. For more help with your short game make sure you check out the link below for a great Short Game DVD that covers chipping and much, much more.

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