Chipping Lesson 4 – Weight Distribution

In this chipping lesson we’re going to cover something that is critical to your chipping success.

It is weight distribution.

Once you have the golf ball placed in the center of your stance and you have the club behind the ball and your grip in front of the clubface you then need to distribute your weight so 70% of it is on your left leg. (See Chipping Picture #10 Below)

70% Weight On Your Left Side

70% Weight On Your Left Side

Once you start the backswing your weight should then stay on your left side during the entire backswing (See Chipping Picture #11 Below), downswing and after your low follow through.

70% Of Your Weight Stays On Left Side

Keep Weight Forward Even On Your Backswing

Because this is so important I’ll repeat…70% of your weight MUST stay on your left leg as you are chipping.

The reason for the weight being 70% on the left side is to keep you from trying to hit up on the golf ball. Weight on your left side will force you to bring the clubhead in the downswing towards the golf ball in a chopping motion. (See Chipping Picture #12 Below)

Use A Chopping Motion

Use A Chopping Motion

That chopping motion will make the golf ball come off of the club face with consistent direction and loft.

Some of the most common mistakes golfers make when chipping are topping the ball, hitting it fat, hitting behind the ball, or hitting it too thin. Some of these mistakes take place if the weight moves back in the backswing. (See Chipping Picture #13 Below)

Poor Chipping Motion

Poor Chipping Motion

Now that you understand the setup needed for good chip shots next up we’re going to look at the chipping backswing.

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