Golf Swing Take-Away Drill For More Distance

Jack Nicklaus Take Away

One of the worst golf swing faults amateur golfers make (that costs them a lot of distance) is to pick the club up at the start the golf swing instead of sweeping the club away. Picking the club away quickly at the start of the swing destroys almost any chance of long, accurate and consistent golf shots. But learning how NOT to pick the golf club up is simple and here’s a great simple golf swing drill to learn how.

Setup as normal to a golf ball using a 5-iron. Once you’re setup the next thing you should do is take your bottom hand off the club so only your left hand is left on the grip.

Now simply move the club away with your left arm, making sure that you keep it in a straight line with the club. You’ll find that by doing this there is basically no way that you can pick the club up. If you do pick the club up it will feel very unnatural. Keep moving the club away with a one-piece take-away until it’s parallel with the ground and then stop That’s the point in your swing when you want to start hinging the wrists up.

You should do about 20 take-aways with only your top hand then have one normal swing and start to feel the difference of having a golf swing that starts with a wide, sweeping one piece take-away. And when you swing normally, just let your top hand guide the take-away and let the bottom hand go along for the ride.

If you practice this take-away drill regularly you’ll dramatically improve your consistency and your ball striking results. So do it, over and over again to make it a habit. And remember a new habit takes at least 21 days to form. So do this exercise for at least 5 minutes a day for 21 days and you’ll start to see improved ball striking.

Now to see one of golf’s best examples of sweeping the club away to start the golf swing watch this old time video of Jack Nicklaus swinging in his heyday….


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