Speed Up Your Golf Swing Right Where It Matters

You want to your golf swing to be the fastest right at impact, right?

Well, here’s a great drill that will teach you to swing the fastest at the bottom of your golf swing. To do this drill, simply set up to an imaginary ball as you normally would and then swing back at 10% of your normal pace. Then start your downswing at 10% of your normal pace. Or in other words….swing really slowly! BUT when you get to about 2 feet away from where a ball would be try to swing as fast as you possibly can.

When doing this feel the club hitting you on the back at the end of your golf swing. Swing through as hard and as fast as you possibly can. Do about 25 swings like this for 30 days and you won’t believe the difference in the distance you get from your shots when you swing normally.

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