Physical Pre-Shot Routine For Consistent Golf Shots

“In terms of its influence on the golf swing, the pre-shot routine is underestimated – hugely so in my opinion.”

Ernie Els

For your golf game to be more consistent and more like a top golf pro you must create and habitualize a consistent physical pre-shot routine. And when you create a physical pre-shot routine here are some key things you should do…

1. Always start your physical pre-shot routine directly behind your ball.

2. Have your grip set to go before you address the ball.

3. Pick out an intermediate target to align your clubface to.

4. Have a waggle in your physical routine to keep movement up and to help keep you relaxed and ready to go.

5. Always make sure you look at your final target before swinging the club.

6. Have a physical swing trigger to signal the start of your golf swing.

Once you create a physical pre-shot routine it’s a good idea to write the steps down so that you can always refer back to it if you forget. Having said that, you should practice your physical pre-shot routine over and over to make sure you don’t forget.

The goal when practicing your physical pre-shot routine is so that on the course you don’t have to worry about where you’re positioning the ball, aligning or how your grip is. Because they will just happen naturally from you following your physical pre-shot routine that you’ve created.

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