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This Perfect Release golf product caught my attention after watching this Youtube video:

After years of working with golfers I know that most golfers swing back too flat on the backswing and come down too steeply on the downswing. Just like the golfer in that video. And it generally takes golfers a lot of hard work to fix their swing plane. So to see that golfer make a big improvement to their golf swing so quickly is very, very impressive.

Because of this I got this Perfect Release product so I could test it out for myself.

When it arrived I found it very easy to setup.

To set it up you have an arm band which you attach to your lead arm just above the elbow. This is good because both a right hand or a left hander can use it equally as well. Then you have a clip which you attach to the golf club about 8 inches from the club head.

Once you have done this then you attach the cord to both ends.

Perfect Release setup

This comes standard with a green cord but you can also get a yellow cord that has more tension in it.

perfect release yellow cord

I first started using the training aid with my driver and using the green cord.  And I was very impressed with it because it helps to guide you through a great golf swing, IF you keep your grip relaxed. If you grip hard and try to manipulate the golf club then you can still get into some bad swing positions. But again, that’s very hard to do.

After spending some time swinging my driver with the green cord I thought I would try it with my 9-iron. When I did this I found that I just couldn’t get enough tension in the cord like I could with my driver. So I swapped over to using the yellow cord because that has more tension in it, and that fixed that problem.

I liked that you could hit balls with this device on, plus you can use it without hitting balls. Here are some benefits I found with using this training aid:

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  • You can you use it with any golf club
  • Helps you to develop a wide swing arc
  • You can hit full shots with it
  • Fixes the over the top swing problem FAST!
  • Helps you to release properly so you hit longer shots
  • Synchronizes your arms and body together for a more consistent golf swing
  • Helps you to square the clubface up at impact so you hit straighter golf shots
  • Increases your swing speed for longer shots
  • Helps to eliminate a slice
  • It’s lightweight and portable

perfect release in action

With every product there are always downsides but I could only find one with this product, which was this…

When I first put it on my driver and was swinging with it for a while I then swung my driver without it on and the driver felt really heavy. I did not like that feeling at all. But within about 10 swings my old feeling was back so I don’t think it was a big deal. And I’ve never had that same sensation using it with irons so I’m not sure what that’s all about.

So apart from that I can’t recommend this product highly enough. In fact, I was so impressed with it I asked the creator if I could sell it and he agreed.  You can get it here on special.

This product was awarded as the top product at the PGA Merchandise show, and it’s used by some great golfers. Here is what one of the longest drivers in the world says about it:

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“While using the Perfect Release, I’m able to easily work on the width that I want at the top of my swing, and get my hips working more in sync with the rest of my swing. The Perfect Release also helps to feel the proper release of the club down the target line. Having the Perfect Release always available in my bag because it is very portable; I can use it anytime and anywhere. I am striking the ball much better with my irons and hitting more greens in regulation. I also notice an instant increase in club-head speed which translates to more distance with each club in my bag, and being a long-drive pro… finding a little more speed in my swing is always nice!”

– Mike Dobbyn, Long Drive World Champion & World Record distance holder, 551yds[/content_box_paper_white]

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended

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Jeff Richmond


  1. Fern on December 3, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for giving your opinion on this. I recently purchased both cords for my husband for his birthday and he’s finding them really helpful, he’s seeing results in his golf game already. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. John on January 3, 2012 at 4:21 am

    What a versitile training device! Easy to intall on any club. The best thing I found was its intuitive affect on tempo. I give the product a solid A. I would recommend it to anyone but my playing partners!

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