How To Grip The Golf Club For Powerful Golf Shots

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A lot of golfers suffer from a slice problem and the main reason is because of the golf grip they use.  More specifically the left hand for right hand golfers tends to be placed on the grip incorrectly which means the right hand will be in correct.  So in this article I’m going to walk you through gripping the club correctly with your left hand so you can hit powerful golf shots.

First of all, when you’re practicing your golf grip you should do so with the ball in the middle of your stance and your feet together.  This will help you to practice your grip on a daily basis so you get it in the same place day after day.

Ok, so you’re now ready to place your left hand on the grip.

To do this make sure the back of your left hand is pointing directly at your target and then place the grip so that it is running across the top joint of your forefinger and under the heel of your palm.

After you have the club placed in this position of your left hand you then simply need to crook your forefinger around the shaft.

A good test to make sure you are doing this correctly is that you should be able to raise the club up off the ground and maintain a firm and solid grip with just your forefinger and the pad of your left hand palm.

Once you can do this then lower the club back down to the ground and then close the last three fingers of your left hand around the club.  Then you need to place your left hand thumb on the grip.

To do this you should place your left thumb just to the right side of the front of the golf grip.  When you do this a V will be made between your thumb and your index finger.

Your left-hand thumb should be put in a position just to the right side of the front of the grip.  Doing this will cause a V to be formed through the line between the thumb and your index finger.

A lot of golf instructors say that you should be concerned where this V is pointing but that is very hard to tell when you are setting up to a golf ball.  So here’s what you should be more concerned about.

When you look down on your completed left hand grip you should be very aware of how many knuckles you can see on your left hand grip.

And if you suffer from a slice problem then you should adjust your left hand grip so you can see 3 to 4 knuckles on your left hand.

If you suffer with a hook problem you should experiment with a 1-2 knuckle left hand grip.

Ok, so that’s how you should pace your left hand on the grip for more powerful golf shots.  You right hand should be placed on the club to simply compliment your left hand.  But if you get your left hand right you will notice a big improvement in your golf shot power.

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