One Great Golf Tip For Better Golf Alignment

If you don’t know this already, how you line up to your golf shots is a critical aspect that has a big influence on the type of golf shots you can hit. Often amateur golfers take this for granted and suffer the consequences. So to see how important golf alignment is to ball striking read what this six time major winner has to say about it:

“It goes without saying that it is no good having a perfect setup, perfect grip and perfect golf swing if the whole thing is misaligned. It sounds obvious but many players simply do not spend enough time getting themselves on target.”

-Quote from Nick Faldo

Ok, so you know golf alignment is important. Now here is a simple thing you can do to quickly and easily check your feet alignment.

Setup to a golf shot as normal but just before you’re ready to hit the golf shot get your golf club and placed it behind your heels so the shaft is touching both heels. After this is in place move your feet away and walk behind your ball so you can look down the line of your shot to see how good your feet alignment was in your setup.

This will give you very quick feedback as to how good or poor your feet alignment was. Remember, you want your feet to be parallel to the starting line of your shot, so your golf club should not be pointing at the target but to the left of your target. In other words, you should be aligned to the left of and parallel to the target.

If you find that your feet were positioned incorrectly, simply alter the shaft to correct how the alignment should be and walk into your setup position again and align your feet correctly according the to club shaft. Then pick up the golf club so you can hit the ball. To correct poor alignment try setting up by placing your club down first how you should be aligned and then walk into this new alignment position. With regular practice you will start to feel for yourself what the proper feet alignment is.

If when you do this you find your alignment is quite a bit off you’ll find it hard to hit shots well with your new alignment. But persevere because you know it’s correct, and within no time it will become a new habit allowing you to hit better and more consistent golf shots.

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