Chip Shots – How To Keep Your Wrists Firm When Chipping

If you’re lacking consistency when chipping there’s probably a good chance that you’re using your wrists far too much when you’re chipping. And if you’re using your wrists too much when chipping it will mean that you’re making your chipping stroke more complicated than it needs to be. So in this article I am going to give you a great chipping drill that will help you feel what the chip stroke should be like with firm wrists.

To do this chipping drill get two golf clubs. An 8 and a 9-iron will work for this chipping drill.

So grip a 9-iron as you normally would for a chip shot. Then get your 8-iron and add it to your 9-iron so it makes an extension of it, so that the grip of the 8-iron is pointing down and is against the shaft of the 9-iron. So you will be holding the shaft of the upside down 8-iron along with the grip of the 9-iron.

After you have this setup then simply chip as you normally would. If you do this and you find that on your follow-through you hit your body with the extended club, then that is a sure sign you are using your wrists incorrectly.

When you play a chip shot the left hand should not cup at all in the swing. If anything it should be bowed at impact so that you are blocking the shot with your wrists rather than feeling like you are scooping the ball.

This chipping drill I have just given you is a great one for teaching you the correct wrist motion through the ball for consistent chip shots. So do this chipping drill often to simplify your chipping swing and reap the rewards out on the golf course.

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