Got A Golf Slice Problem? Here’s The Setup Secrets To Fix It

A golf slice problem can be embarrassing and very frustrating.  But the first place to fix your golf slice is with the setup.  So here are some secret setup tips to help you fix your golf slice fast!  First let’s look at…

The Golf Grip

When gripping the golf club to fix a slice you should:

  •     Use a strong 3-4 knuckle left hand golf grip.
  •     Use an overlapping or ten-finger golf grip.
  •     Make sure your right hand grip is entirely in the fingers.

Ball And Feet Positioning

When placing the ball in your stance and positioning your feet to fix a slice you should:

  •     Place the ball in the middle of your stance.
  •     Position your left foot no more than 10 degrees turned towards the target.

Your golf posture when trying to fix a golf slice include:

  •     Standing slightly further away from the ball than is recommend allowing more room to swing from the inside into the ball.
  •     Flexing your right arm so you can see some of your left arm when looking down the line at your setup.  You can check this by setting up in front of a mirror.


When you align yourself to fix a golf slice you should:

  •     Align your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and arms (elbows) all to the right of your target.
  •     Align your clubface directly to where you want your golf ball to finish.

If you setup to your golf shots with these points it will probably be the opposite of what you’re doing currently to hit your golf slices.  Naturally doing the opposite is what is needed to fix it but I WARN YOU.  Your new setup to fix your golf slice will feel strange.  If it does that’s great.  That means you’re doing something different and when you do something different you’ll get different results.  So keep persevering with your new golf setup and within no time you would have fixed your golf slice.

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