Chipping Drill To Make Chip Shots Easier

Next to putting, chip shots are the easiest golf shots there are.  But unfortunately a lot of golfers duff chip shots by either sculling them or hitting them fat.  The reason this happens is usually because golfers setup incorrectly and have way too many moving parts in their chipping swings.

So if that’s you, today I have for you a great chipping drill to simplify your chipping motion so you hit better chip shots more often.

Ok, let’s begin:

When you play a chip shot your lower body should be doing very little. A good chipping swing is much like that of a putting motion.  It should be controlled by your arms and shoulders – a rocking motion if you will.

So to help you keep your lower body quiet when chipping I want you to setup to a chip shot as you normally would.

After you have setup to your chip shot then I want you to move 70-80% of your weight onto your left foot.  Then I want you to raise up your right heel off the ground by about two inches. Then when you make your chipping swing you must not let your right heel go back to the ground.  You must keep the right heel off the ground for this entire chipping swing drill.

When you hit chip shots with your right heel off the ground you’ll soon discover how much simpler the chipping motion is.  And simpler is always better!

So I suggest you hit at least 100 chip shots with this right heel up off the ground chipping drill.

After doing that you would have started a great habit of hitting your chip shots with a solid, quiet lower half.   You may find that you hit better chip shots with your right heel off the ground.  If that’s the case simply keep doing this out on the golf course.

You don’t need to raise the heel 2 inches off the ground but just do it just enough to have your right heel off the ground and keep it off the ground all throughout the chipping swing.

This is a great chipping drill as you’ll find out when you do it.  Good luck in using it to improve your chipping.

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