Golf Slice? Use This 4 Step Proven Formula To Fix Your Golf Slice

A golf slice causes so many headaches as you know. What appears to be a great drive can quickly veer off deep into the woods never to be seen again. But fixing a golf slice is not as hard as you may think, and in this article you’re going to learn a 4 step formula to help you fix your dreaded golf slice. So without any further ado, here are the four things you need to do to fix your golf slice once and for all.

Golf Slice Fix Step #1 – Setup for a draw/hook rather than a fade/slice

Golf Slice Fix Step #2 – Swing the club down into the ball on an inside path so the ball starts to the right of your target.

Golf Slice Fix Step #3 – Contact the golf ball with a slightly closed clubface rather than an open clubface.

Golf Slice Fix Step #4 – Use golf equipment that encourages a draw/hook ball flight.

If you’re observant you’ll notice that everything on that list is the opposite of what almost every golfer with a slice problem does. And doing the opposite of what you’re doing to hit a slice is the quickest and fastest way to cure your golf slice problem.

So that means you should setup for a draw/hook. Do this by having a strong grip, placing the ball further back in your stance, aligning your body to the right of your target etc. After doing this you then need to swing from the inside, so that the path of your clubhead starts the ball to the right of your target. Then finally, as far as the swing is concerned, you need to release your hands so you contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface.

Doing that combined with having equipment that encourages a draw (e.g. a thin grip, the correct shaft for your swing etc.) would mean you could fix your slice tomorrow.

It seriously would, BUT for most golfers it won’t.


Because most golfers are stuck in their habits. So to do the exact opposite of what they’re doing to hit a slice would feel very uncomfortable and golfers don’t like that.

But I’m assuming that you want to fix your golf slice problem sooner rather than later.

Well, what I’ve outlined above is the fastest way to do it. But you must forget about results for a few days or possibly even up until a couple of weeks. Because if you exaggerate the opposite of what you do to hit a slice you’ll hit the ball terribly to start with. But don’t worry about that for now.

Eventually with persistence you’ll hit the ball straight!

Yep, exaggerating the opposite of what you do to slice the golf ball will eventually result in straight golf shots, not hooks.

I know this all sounds rather strange, but give this proven formula to fix your golf slice a try and see for yourself. You will be thanking yourself that you did.

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