Break 80 Without Practice Review

The website for this product doesn’t look very good (you can see it here). It has graphics missing and the website looks dated so I wasn’t expecting much when I listened to these CD’s. But after listening to them here is what I think.

If you’ve got very little time to practice because you’re busy then listening to these break 80 without practice CD’s and applying the suggestions on them is…

“one of the best things you can do to improve your golf game.”



And if you spend a lot of time in a car or in a place that allows you to listen to CD’s while commuting then this product is one of the best investments you could make in improving your golf game.

I’m not sure why Craig doesn’t update his break 80 website but the fact remains….this is a great product.

So what exactly are on these brea 80 without practice CD’s?

The short answer….a boat load of stuff!

Here’s a summary of everything that is covered on the 4 CD’s (direct from the break 80 without practice website).

Break 80 Without Practice CD 1 – Inspiration Not Perspiration

  • Why your scores refuse to go down and what you can do about it.
  • What the Vietnam POWS can teach you about your potential.
  • How to get the greatest score-lowering returns for your efforts.
  • How to use your emotions to rocket you to the next scoring level.
  • What 3 things Golf Psychologists teach that Golfing potential is determined by.

Break 80 Without Practice CD 2 – Work on Your Game At Home (or anywhere)

  • How to increase your energy, strength, and coordination for those last few holes that always kill your score.
  • How to avoid common golfer injuries.
  • 10 ways to buy lower scores with equipment.
  • What statistical studies have shown is the most important for lower golf scores. And how to do it.
  • Why touring pros with technically bad swings (like us) still win tournaments!

Break 80 Without Practice CD 3 – Use Your Mind to Play Better Golf

  • How to tap into the 90% of your brain that currently isn’t being used.
  • How the new science of “Neuro Linguistic Programming” can work miracles for you on the golf course.
  • How to crush your mind’s barrier that is preventing you from improving.
  • How pros like Tiger Woods use Hypnosis for their game.
  • Accelerated learning techniques first used by the Soviets to dominate the Olympics for 3 decades.
  • Golf and Sports psychologist’s mental training tips they use on touring pros.
  • How to practice your game – On the couch or in Your Bed – just like you’re on the range.

Break 80 Without Practice CD 4 – Putting it all Together On The Course

  • How to repeat your best shot with a club if you’ve hit a great shot with it before.
  • How to bring your sweet shots on the range to the course.
  • 9 ways to eliminate those balloon-score holes.
  • How to overcome first tee jitters and nervousness
  • 5 Real ways to easily master control of your score-killing emotions.
  • How to use your business skills to slash your score.
  • How to turn anger and frustration to your advantage./li>
  • How to have all the Focus and Concentration you’ll ever need and when you need it.

And that’s just a summary! There’s lot’s more covered on these CD’s.

Personally I found that there’s almost too much information on these CD’s. But that’s a good thing because you get much more than you pay for. And for me CD number 3 was worth the cost of the break 80 without practice package. It was awesome.

Now after saying how great this product is, here’s what I didn’t like about it.

Craig Sigl (the creator of this series) kept referencing books, authors and golfers constantly throughout the CD’s – and this got a bit annoying.

That is the only downside however because apart from that, these break 80 without practice CD’s are great and worth a lot more than they cost.

So if you don’t get much time to practice and you can’t break 80 consistently then this product was created just for you!

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended For Golfers With Little Time To Practice And Who Can’t Break 80 Consistently.

This was a review of the Break 80 Without Practice product available here.

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  1. Chaz on December 10, 2011 at 12:06 am

    I know a guy who got these and he raves about them and I’ve seen that his game has improved and hes alot more confdent on the cours e than he used to be. But I was still skeptical thinking it’s all psychological, like a placebo. But i might give it a go for myself on your recommendation, since I certainly qualify for being busy. i never have time to practice as much as I’d like to but I can play these during my 2 hour minimum daily commute time. I trust your review based on everything else you’ve written and you seem to really know your stuff. i pick you as an honest guy so don’t let me down now Jeff.

  2. Deandre Kuralt on December 27, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Would love to forever get updated outstanding web blog!

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