Golf Lessons Or Golf Schools – What Is Better?

If you’re deciding whether to have golf lessons or go to a golf school, then this article is going to give you the pro’s and con’s of both options so you can make an informed decision.

Now when searching for a golf school you’ll quickly find that all of them promise to be the best and will help you the most to improve your golf game. Equally every golf professional is going to say they are the best and you’ll get the most improvement by going to them.

So which is option is best for you?

To make a decision you first need to see the features of each. We will start with the features of personal, one on one golf lessons with a golf professional.

Personal Golf Lesson Features

  • The average price for an hour long lesson with a golf pro is between $50 to $100.
  • The professional has all of their attention on you and no one else.
  • You tell the pro what you want them to look at and help you improve.
  • If you have a big problem with your golf game you can get a pro to help you fix it quickly.
  • Going to your local golf pro for a lesson is easily accessible, without having to travel long distance.
  • If you are needing ongoing support then you can get this easily from a golf pro by booking lessons regularly.
  • The top golf coaches are very busy and very expensive so it may be hard for you to get them to look at your golf game, so you may have to make do with a golf coach who is not as good.

Golf School Features

  • At a golf school you will generally be told what to practice and for how long.
  • The instructors attention is divided up between the you and the other attendees.
  • You may not like or get along with the other people also attending.
  • The average cost for attending a Top 25 Golf School in the United States is $1,108.
  • Unless you are lucky enough to live within close proximity to a golf school then there will be travel and accommodation expenses.
  • You should have access to a large practice area that is used just for the golf school, along with limited access to a golf course.
  • Once you have completed your course at the school you generally will receive little support, and if you need further help you will have to pay to go to the golf school again.
  • For the instruction staff that’s all they do, so effectively they should be good at their jobs.

If you like the sound of all this so far then you need to make sure you have the right expectations before you go. Here is a list to help you.

  • There should be at the minimum a 1 to 4 student/instructor ratio: If the golf school you’re considering doesn’t have at least a 1 to 4 student/instructor ratio then you should seriously consider another golf school.
  • The golf school you’re considering should offer playing lessons – because as you know, hitting shots on the driving range and shots on the golf course are two different things.
  • The golf school you’re considering should offer a video analysis service.
  • The golf school you’re considering should have time for you to play a game of golf.
  • You should be given a comprehensive plan after you leave the school so you can carry on your golf improvement at home.

Ok, so if you were going to go to a golf school how much should you expect to improve from the experience?

If you are an average handicapper of say 20-25 then you shouldn’t expect to cut your handicap by 5 after just 3 days. If it happens great, just don’t expect it.

Instead you should see the school as the start of your improvement and by the time you leave the school you should know what you need to work on to improve. Finally, if you are going to attend a golf school here’s some tips to help you get the most out of it:

1. Make sure you’re in reasonably good physical shape, because you’ll be on your feet a lot and hitting a lot of golf balls.

2. Take sun block, sunglasses, sun hat, umbrella, insect repellent, talcum powder and a towel (the last two are for wet or sweaty hands).

3. Have some new extra gloves along with band-aids. Your hands will get a beating.

4. Take very comfortable worn in golf shoes. Do not take new shoes you’ve never worn before.

5. Take plenty of golf balls and tees for your games.

6. Take your own drink bottle to keep refreshed.

Ok, so that’s a comparative look at personal golf lessons and golf schools. I hope it has helped you to make up your mind what would be better for you and your golf game.

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