3 Golf Driving Tips For Longer Golf Drives

If you’re struggling to hit your golf driver consistently well, this article is going to explain 3 simple things you can do to improve your drives now. So let’s get started with the first tip.

Tip #1 – One of the biggest keys to hitting longer, straighter golf drives is to make consistently solid impact with the center of the clubface. Doing this will cause you to launch the golf ball at the ideal angle and with the ideal spin for the longest drives possible. A good way to practice this is by getting some impact tape or impact stickers, available at most golf specialty stores. You simply stick these on your golf driver and then hit some balls. The tape or sticker reveals the impression point on the clubface.

Tip #2 – The height you tee the ball up with has a big impact on the drives you hit. For example, the lower you tee a golf ball, the more chance you will have of slicing the ball to the right. The higher you tee the golf ball, the more your chance will be for you to hook the golf ball to the left.

So if you’re slicing the ball then tee the ball up a bit higher. Conversely, if you’re hooking the golf ball, tee it down a little lower. You may think this golf driving tip is too simple to help, but try it because it really does work!

Tip #3 – Often when golfers have driving problems they go looking for swing errors. However, often those poor swing positions are the result of restrictions in the body. For example, do you often slice your drives? Well, a common reason could be that your core flexibility is not strong enough; which will mean that you’ll never be able to swing into the golf ball with an inside swing path.

What about if you struggle to get into a good top of the backswing position? You could very well have tight and restricted shoulders and you’ll never get to the top in the correct position unless you loosen up your shoulder joints with exercises.

So to improve your driving look at improving your body (e.g. do strength and flexibility exercises) as well as your swing positions in order to hit better, more consistent drives.

So that’s three simple tips to improve your golf drives. Remember the three things which I covered to help you do this are: #1. Practice hitting drives out of the center of the clubface #2. Experiment with tee heights to help you hit the golf ball straighter, and #3. Work on improving your body for longer, straighter golf drives.

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